Tournament Rules

Entry Fees and Payment

Entry fee is $200.00 per boat (maximum 6 anglers) if paid by July 8th.
Entry fee increases to $250.00 per boat (maximum 6 anglers) if paid after July 8th. July 13th. is the final day to register!

Bring/mail checks to:
Tuppen’s Marine and Tackle
1002 N Dixie Hwy
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Payable to Lake Worth Fishing Tournament

Bait, Tackle, and Line

IGFA rules apply (with the exception of wire lines)
For a full list of IGFA guidelines, click here
Live, artificial, and natural baits permitted
Wire lines are permitted
Stinger hooks are permitted
No restriction on line test
All fish must be caught on rod and reel
No electric reels allowed

Captain’s Meeting

The captain’s meeting will be held Thursday July 13th at 6:00 pm at Tuppen’s Marine and Tackle (1002 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, FL 33460)
One member from each boat should come by to collect the captain’s bucket. Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase.

Attending the captain’s meeting is not mandatory, but one representative from each team must pick up their team’s bucket on July 13th between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Boat Size and Prizes

There is no minimum or maximum boat size
One prize per category per boat
Junior angler must be under 15 years old
If a junior angler or lady angler is eligible for a larger prize, they will be moved into the larger category and will not be eligible for junior’s or women’s’ prizes.

No Bahamas fishing. You may use the inlet of your choice.

Saturday July 15th. Lines in at 6:30 am, out by 3:00 pm.
You must be recognized at the Yacht Center by 3:30 or you may face disqualification

Weigh in

Palm Beach Yacht Center
0.7 miles north of the Boynton Inlet on the West side of ICW
You must be logged at the Yacht Center by 3:30  at the latest

Eligible Fish
Kingfish, wahoo, mahi mahi, and snapper of legal size
Only kingfish, mahi, and wahoo qualify for the grand prize (largest overall)

Fish must be brought for weigh-in by boat only

All anglers must have a valid fishing license

NO mutilated fish will be eligible
Fish must be fresh and will be subject to the Torrymeter freshness test, organoleptic test and belly inspection.

Food will be served during the weigh-in, compliments of the Palm Beach Yacht Center
Each paid entry will receive 4 meal tickets
Spectators and additional anglers can purchase meal tickets at the weigh-in for $15.00 while supplies last


Prizes will be awarded one hour after the final fish is weighed at the Palm Beach Yacht Center, with a raffle to follow.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Largest fish of the tournament (only kingfish, wahoo, and dolphin are eligible) – $2000.00

1st place: $1000.00
2nd place: $599.00
3rd place: $300.00
4th place: $150.00

1st place: $1000.00
2nd place: $599.00
3rd place: $300.00
4th place: $150.00

1st place: $1000.00
2nd place: $599.00
3rd place: $300.00
4th place: $150.00

1st place: $200.00
2nd place: $100.00
3rd place: $50.00
4th place: $25.00

Lady Angler
1st place: TBD

Junior Angler:
1st place: $100.00
2nd place: $50.00
3rd place: $25.00
4th place: TBD

Payouts listed above are based on 45 boats. We have had a full payout every year thus far.

Weather Notice: If weather becomes an issue and the committee votes to cancel the tournament, all entry money collected will be split into 18 equal amounts and awarded by way of raffle. Junior anglers will be placed into a separate raffle and awarded plaques only. All activities will go on as scheduled.

Safety Notice: Each captain accepts full responsibility and liability for their crew and boat. It is at the captain’s discretion to fish or not.


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